Now they are going to see you

The king of digital outdoor communication. A wall of three, five or ten meters high? Because sometimes size does matter. Ideal for windows and fronts of buildings.



Turn your posters into live

The simplest but no less functional model; give life and communicating with impact your promotions in digital format. Ideal for shops and stores.




Moving messages, more  attractive messages

Vertical poster is the main communication format in many businesses. Transforming it into digital you can communicate as many products as you want in the same space. A whole advantage!!! Ideal for shops and stores.




Entertainment and Interactivity for your customers

You can have your digital and interactive content in your business, with an intuitive and user-friendly presentation. Browse, play and learn at your favorite location. Ideal for store chains. 



Great solution to reach beyond

Hits from long distances with this large outdoor modular format. The best solution in LED technology for your promotions. Ideal for windows and fronts of buildings.




Flexibility and impact

Need to communicate a promotion? Or maybe  to address customer flow to an store or particular point of interest? A totem finds its ideal use for signage in malls, for example. Structure Fully customizable robust and striking structure design. Ideal for several applications such as fast food chains (QSR), large shopping malls or facilities. 



Welcome your customers well

Easily transported thanks to their lower wheels. Place it wherever you want and replaces the classic static communication digital content. Bring your street promotions with your most impressive offerings. Ideal for shops at street level and receptions.